About the Erie County Recreational Passport

What is it?


The Let’s Move Outside! Erie County Recreational Passport is a collaborative program of Erie Yesterday, Erie County Department of Health and VisitErie. It’s an innovative program promoting healthy living and physical activity through the use of public art, local history and outdoor recreation.


Download a PDF of the new, pocket-sized Let's Move Outside! Erie County Recreational Passport.

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3/30/2017 National Take a Walk in the Park Day


March in Erie PA doesn’t exactly scream ‘picnic weather,’ but at least the snow is gone! It’s time to get back into the routine of getting some fresh air and actually enjoying it, instead of layering up for the cold. What better way to welcome spring than to take a walk in one of our state or local parks? Whichever type you prefer-take time today to appreciate the park of your choice by stopping by for a visit. 

4/5/2017 National Walking Day

The average American spends roughly 9-12 hours of their day sitting down, depending on his/her occupation. Research shows that getting up regularly to walk around has significant health benefits, however regular walking can be tricky when you’re at work.  

3/23/2017 Spring Bucket List


The bigger things in life really are the simpler things, we just figured we would remind you so you don’t miss out. Since the first day of spring was this past Monday, remember to take time this spring and enjoy a few seasonal activities. The attached links are full of creative spring ‘bucket lists,’ but we’ve also outlined our favorites here for you in case you need local inspiration. 


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