About the Erie County Recreational Passport

What is it?


The Let’s Move Outside! Erie County Recreational Passport is a collaborative program of Erie Yesterday, Erie County Department of Health and VisitErie. It’s an innovative program promoting healthy living and physical activity through the use of public art, local history and outdoor recreation.


Download a PDF of the new, pocket-sized Let's Move Outside! Erie County Recreational Passport.

What's New

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Let's move outside, safely!


Summer is finally here! With the sun shining, a warm summer breeze, and plenty to do outside, it is important that we take safety measures when being active outdoors. Here are a few quick safety tips for staying active in warmer weather.

6/1/2015 Let's Move Outside! Launches the 2015 Erie County Recreational Passport
On Tuesday, June 2 at 10 a.m. in front of Lake Country Bike in North East Erie Yesterday, the Erie County Department of Health and VisitErie will launch the fourth year of the Let’s Move Outside! Erie County Recreational Passport. The program is connected to First Lady Michelle Obama’s national Let’s Move campaign to fight obesity and is Erie County’s pilot initiative as a Let’s Move County.   What’s new for 2015?   During the press...
01/31/2015 Artist Designed Bike Racks Exhibited in Harrisburg



The Erie Art Museum is exhibiting Artist-Designed Bike Racks for Erie County at the Pennsylvania State Capitol building in Harrisburg throughout the month of February.


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Erie County Recreational Passports are available at locations throughout Erie County, PA.

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