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The Let’s Get Moving! Tool is a searchable database of outdoor recreational opportunities in Erie County. You'll find listings of fresh local produce providers, annual walks/runs/cycling events, parks, trails, playgrounds, seasonal activities, and much more!

It all began a few years ago when we realized that there wasn’t a comprehensive listing of the above items. We decided to change that by putting everything together in one place, available free of charge, accessible to the public and able to be frequently and easily updated. Enjoy!

Let's Bundle Up!

With an annual snowfall just shy of 89 inches, Erie County offers the outdoor adventurer many opportunities to play in the snow. Let's Bundle Up! is a listing of outdoor recreation activities involving snow, such as cross-country skiing, down-hill skiing, snowshoeing, tubing and more.

Courtesy of VisitErieLet's Eat Fresh!

Nothing excites the summer palate like fresh berries, juicy watermelons, corn-on-the-cob and crisp greens from local farmers markets.  Want to get back to your “roots?”  Pack up the family or gather with some friends and enjoy the many opportunities to “pick-your-own” at local farms. CSA’s offer another affordable option to enjoy the bounty of fresh, locally grown foods.  Now that is a fresh idea!

Let's Geocache!

What can we say about geocaching?  It’s treasure hunting for the 21st century! All you need is a sense of adventure and a GPS device or a GPS-enabled mobile phone to help guide you to the general area of the cache.  The cache may be hidden out in the open or creatively hidden or blended into the surroundings. Happy hunting!

Courtesy of VisitErieLet's Go Fish!

Did you know that Lake Erie is considered the “Walleye Capital of the World”?  Whether you’re looking to fish walleye, perch, smallmouth bass, steelhead, trout, or any number of other fish, we gotcha covered – hook, line and sinker!

Let's Go to Sports Camp!

The region has many different opportunities and camps to learn or step-up your game in nearly any sport you can think of.  Kids and adults alike can learn a new sport, practice, join amateur leagues and develop lasting health habits and friendships.

Courtesy of VisitErieLet's Golf!

Whether you’re looking for public, private, or semi-private golf courses, the region has it all!  Gorgeously landscaped and painstakingly manicured greens, you’re sure to find a course to meet all your needs: lessons, pro shops, professional experience, driving ranges… something for everyone.


Let's Join!

Are you looking to find a club or organization that shares the same enthusiasm and recreational interests as you?  Our continuously expanding list may be just what you are looking for!

Courtesy of VisitErieLet's Lace Up!

We all know that physical activity is highly beneficial to our health – and walking is one of the activities that most people can partake in on a regular basis.  No gym fees, no equipment, no excuses! Lace up those shoes and let’s take a walk (or run)! The more ambitious individual can find plenty of opportunities for hiking trails too!



Let's Play at the Park!

Pack up the kids (depending on the location, you may be able to bring Fido), some healthy snacks and refreshments, and head out to any of the many parks in the area for some fun!  There’s probably a park just a few blocks away from you that you never even knew about! These hidden treasures, along with other better known parks, are a great way to get the family outdoors for some fun recreational activities! …Tag – you’re it!

Courtesy of VisitErieLet's Play in the Water!

Blessed with beautiful Lake Erie in our backyard, summertime brings scores of people to the water for some fun in the sun.  Whether you just enjoy taking a dip to cool off after a humid day in Erie or are looking for places to kayak/canoe, or enjoy other water sports in the area, we think you’ll find enough here to “wet” your appetite for the water.


Let's Rock Climb!

Aaaahhh… for the real adventure seeker, test you skills at rock climbing! Scaredy-cats need not apply.

Courtesy of VisitErieLet's Roll!

Whether you’re looking to pedal your heart out or just take a leisurely bike ride, there are trails galore (not to mention many different cycling events and races)!  Rather roll on blades or skates? There’s plenty of trails for that too!  Who said there’s never anything to do?



Photographs courtesy of VisitErie

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