Erie Insurance and Safe Kids Erie Area want you to Move Safely!

Erie Insurance and Safe Kids Erie

Don’t forget about outdoor safety to ensure many happy and healthy days spent in the great outdoors.

  1. Notify friends and family as to where you will be walking or travelling in the County – especially if you plan to hike, camp or ski
  2. Be aware of your surroundings at all times - bring a buddy with you and if you must travel alone, carry a whistle, cell phone or other method to call for help
  3. When in the sun: seek shade, cover up, wear a hat, wear sunglasses and use sunscreen
  4. Stay safe during winter weather, by using these tips  from the (CDC)
  5. Bring along and drink plenty of fluids  as well as a snack
  6. If you require medication on a daily basis – bring a dose with you
  7. If you have an allergy to insects, bees, plants or other outdoor element – use caution and carry any necessary emergency treatment
  8. Bring a camera to document all of the beautiful scenery Erie County has to offer
  9. Bike Smart from the start...wear a helmet
  10. While participating in water related activities, practice water safety  at all times
  11. If you plan to picnic or grill, be mindful of food safety
  12. Walk wisely and practice pedestrian safety. Safe Kids offers the following Pedestrian Safety Tips, which are also good for adults to keep in mind:

  • Never allow children under age 10 to cross streets alone
  • Instruct children to look left-right-left again when crossing a street and to continue looking as they cross
  • Teach children to walk facing traffic, as far to the left as possible, when sidewalks are not available
  • Require children to wear retro-reflective materials and carry a flashlight at dawn and dusk
  • Prohibit play in driveways, in unfenced yards, in streets or parking lots
  • Always model and teach proper pedestrian behavior
  • Teach children to obey traffic signs and signals
  • Always cross at crosswalks or intersections

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