3/14/2017 Being Active At Home

Being Active At Home

A major barrier for some of us when it comes to fitness involves the gym.  It’s the stereotypical place of judgment and embarrassment if you’re just starting out- and all for a nice monthly fee.  For some of us the issue is being physically active just in public, because honestly it can be awkward sometimes. Today’s post is going to undermine every excuse you’ve got about not being active.  Who cares if you don’t go to the gym, in fact you’ll probably get more work out of yourself if you’re not in public.  Today we’re building a personal gym in your own home, with which you can use as often and as you want and treat it however you’d prefer.

“Workout equipment is expensive!” No-it’s not. In fact we’ve gathered up a list of supplies that you can gather up locally that will barely touch your bank account, but sure will get you moving.  You don’t need to go out and buy every product that’s used for fitness, do some research and see what YOU would work best with and go from there.  Some of the best exercises use your own bodyweight anyway, and that’s totally free!  In case you’re itching to commit though, here’s a list of ten easy to find, cheap and user friendly products that are consistently popular throughout the fitness world.

1.       Jump rope $2.57 ( Walmart)

2.       Flat bench/ step –a set of stairs works perfectly, or a built wooden box

3.       Bosu ball

4.       Stability ball $7.97 (Walmart)

5.       Medicine balls $24.93 for 20lb ball. ( price varies with weight)

6.       Dumbbells $14.96 (Walmart)

7.       Kettlebells

8.       Resistance bands

9.       Foam roller $13.00 (Walmart)

10.   Yoga mat $5.28 ( Walmart)

To go along with our theme today, here are a few reasons we believe working out in your own home or outside is better than the gym.

1.       You never have to face the cold to get to the gym (Erie weather is quite a Negative Nancy on motivation)

2.       You don’t have to schedule time to get to the gym, simply use a half an hour that you sit around at home

3.       It doesn’t matter what you look/ sound like;  feel free to break out the 90s headbands and scream when it hurts-sometimes that’s just what you need

4.       The germs are your own! Many people worry about picking up a bacterial infection or illness because of the direct contact people make with equipment at the gym, but at home it’s all your own so you don’t have to worry.

5.       When you’re all done you can lay on the floor and catch your breath. No need to worry about your pride at home, let it recover while you do.

If you are interested in a little guidance or advice on how to get started properly at home there are infinite resources online.  Doing a little research never hurts and it doesn’t take long at all, so you’ll still have time to get moving or get outside.

Don’t like /want to buy equipment? Attached are some links that will guide you to some at home workouts that don’t require any weight and are still extremely effective.  Let us know what you try and what works for you!



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