3/15/2017 Run Erie

Treat yourself---to you.


The ultimate form of self-respect is to practice self-care.  Self-care encourages strong habits of fitness, wellness, happiness, mindfulness and even some ‘ness’-less things too, like treating yourself. Yep! Treating yourself is a form of self-care, and that my friend is one of the most courteous things you can do for your own self. I’m not talking about ‘treating yourself’ to fast food or a night on the couch watching your favorite movie.  I’m talking about giving yourself a real treat, a much deserved treat- almost like a gift if you will.


Treat yourselves to you, and all that you are capable of. Treat yourself to living the life of a runner (or walker, if you’re starting fresh.) HA! Some treat, more like a punishment. Nobody actually likes running-right? People just suffer through it to stay thin. WRONG. Most of us think we are too busy to ‘be a runner,’ whatever that even means. But all it really means is that you’re treating yourself, and treating yourself well.  It means you recognize the endless opportunities in running to try something uncomfortable that will treat your body and mind well.  Or maybe you just want to see if you can do it and I promise you, YOU CAN.


 Running is one of the few things in life you can do virtually anywhere, anytime-even here in Erie. It’s not about the distance or the pace, it’s about those first baby steps you take off of your front porch when you decided to try. That’s the least any of us can do for ourselves, to try, whether or not we succeed or fail terribly is irrelevant.


Pursuing an active lifestyle impacts every aspect of your life, starting with yourself on a physical level.  Then it spreads to your work life and improves your productivity, how you view yourself as a person, and how you interact with others. You’ll sleep better, eat better, FEEL better all around. You’ll build a healthier you.  All because you were generous enough to treat yourself.  And let’s be honest, if you hate running as much as some people tell themselves they do, then know that walking does a mighty fine job by itself my friend. You can powerwalk right past those excuses and treat yourself every day to a healthier you. If one of your excuses is location-I’ve got you covered!


Walking and running are limitless activities, because you can do either literally ANYWHERE. However if you’re jumping in with both feet and a competitive atmosphere is motivating for you, you can follow the link below to meet some like-minded people at an event near you. We all start somewhere folks, but it’s really convenient that we can start right here close to home. #runErie #walktheblock #TREATYOURSELF




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