3/21/2017 Running Safety

As a runner, how do you handle the pavement in Erie PA? Being confined to treadmill running is tiring and absolutely no fun. Outside running is almost always more beneficial but it can get tricky if you live in a city.


For starters running on pavement can result in shin-splints if you do it too frequently or too aggressively, so that’s not good.  Then there’s traffic to battle with.  If you have to stop every block and wait to cross the street then your run probably won’t feel very effective. Depending on what time of day you run, the exercise itself could be dangerous.  Running at night has many more risks than running during the day, especially if you’re running alone.  If you’re busy and night time is the only available time you have to run just make sure to take necessary precautions to ensure you have a happy, healthy run!


No matter what time of day or night you shouldn’t run with headphones in if you’re in the city or around traffic.  Music is such an awesome distraction during a workout and helps to pass the time, but having headphones in can decrease your awareness of your surroundings and put you at risk for a lot of conflict during your outing.


Avoiding running by yourself is another smart precaution to take, again especially at night.  If you have roommate or relative that enjoys exercise get them to run with you or bike along side you.  Having someone with you decreases the likelihood that someone/something can catch you off guard and harm you, whether it be intentional or accidental.


Running against the flow of traffic is another rule of thumb for running in town.  This way even if you do have headphones in at least you can see oncoming traffic and get out of the way if a driver loses control or isn’t paying attention.  Running in the same direction as traffic increases the likelihood that a vehicle will be closer to you because you’ll be on the same side of the road, which could cause an accident.


These are just a few go-to tips for venturing out over the pavement, please feel free to follow the attached links or do your own research on how to keep yourself safe.  Keep in mind there are different safety protocols for different types of running, including trail running and night running.  No matter what kind of activity you choose to try out, be safe and get the most out of your movement!  Happy running.  





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