3/3/2017 Day of Unplugging

2015 statistics have shown that the average American spent about 5 hours on his/her cell phone per day, checking social media and texting  throughout their hours of consciousness.  Two years later that statistic has increased dramatically, and American’s are glued to their cell phones throughout a large percentage of their everyday activities.  The typical American spends well over ONE-THIRD of their time committed to the tiny screen that accompanies their every move, and I for one think this fact is a little terrifying. 


If people spend too much time with their technology instead of other people, their virtual realities will start to replace the life their living.  Living in the moment is such an important part of loving life and these days most people have forgotten how to do that. I bring this futuristic conflict to your attention because people don’t realize how much it influences their day to day lifestyle- so I come to you with a challenge.  For one day-an uninterrupted 24 hours- unplug.


All you have to do is unplug yourself for 24 hours and see how it affects you. I think most of you will be surprised with how much you struggle and fail at this.  But you’re not alone! This challenge takes place on March 3rd- 4th , the National Day of Unplugging, and you can join thousands across the country as they pledge not to answer the phone when you call, to not check social media from sundown to sundown and to live in every moment for one day without your cellular device or technological toys. Studies after studies have proven that a solid dose of uninterrupted time away from technology can boost your health and mental well-being more than any superfood or vitamins can.


It’s time we realize that our health isn’t just physical but mental and emotional as well, and your body goes where your head does.  If your mind isn’t in the right place then your body will never be where you want it to be, no matter how much you work out or how well you eat.   Utilizing this opportunity to exercise mindfulness will show you just how dependent you are on devices instead of your own self in many aspects of your life.  I encourage you to do this regularly and not just on the day of awareness, but use this day to shed light to others and spread the challenge. This generation could use a good dose of fresh air and hands on activities. If all else fails you can use it as an excuse to shut off the xbox you bought for your kids and make them play outside (or do some outside chores for you.)


Enjoy the chance for family time and wrap yourself in the comfort of the company of your loved ones, I promise you it’s the best exercise you can do.  If you’re lacking some creativity and need some ideas of how to spend the time unplugged follow the attached links and plan ahead (so you can stay unplugged) and won’t be at a loss of things to do.  On Sunday when the even has passed, please feel free to message our Facebook page and let us know how it went. I can’t wait to hear about how people take advantage of the day!!






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