3/7/2017 Mental Hygiene

TED talks

Being well informed provides a variety of personal benefits and protections, and living during this day in age it’s as easy as it’s ever been.  Health doesn’t start in the gym or outside-it starts in your mind.  Where the mind goes the body will follow, so it’s important to maintain mental health and practice mental hygiene by constantly using your mind.

A great way to exercise your mind is to be well informed.  Exposing yourself to new ideas or current events keeps the healthy juices flowing and allows your mind to be in a more active state than if you were propped in front of a computer watching a series on Netflix.  You don’t have to agree with what you are exposed to, but forming a rational perspective or argument towards a topic is good for your brain.  Analyzing issues often promotes more cognitive function than thinking about familiar things anyway, which is why unfamiliarity can sometimes be healthy for your mind to handle.

If you browse the internet frequently odds are you’ve stumbled upon a TED talk in the past, but if you haven’t they are a great way to be exposed to discussions on current topics, issues and debates on almost any topic in the world and in 110 languages.  TED is a nonprofit that is dedicated to spreading ideas-usually in the form of short, powerful talks.  When the conferences first began Technology, Education and Design all came together to form TED, however TED is far from limited to those three topics.

Attached is a link of 22 TED talks that target fitness, health and happiness inspiration. Each short clip varies in length and offers an eye opening thought or perspective that you may have never encountered before.  You can pick and choose which videos you’d like to use to spark the motivation in your own mind, or none at all.  We promote this excuse to glue yourself to your phone temporarily in order to exercise mental well-roundedness.  Utilizing this resource on a rainy day is a great way to avoid being idle even while you may not be able to enjoy the outside physical activities we know and love.



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