3/9/2017 Sitting Epidemic

A large percentage of Americans have a career or occupation in which they spend the majority of his/her time sitting down. This isn’t news to anyone, however it should be recognized as bad news.  Just because we leave our work place doesn’t mean that we’re always active once we clock out for the day.  In fact in most cases people are involved in more activities that involve sitting once they get home.

Research shows that too much time spent sitting down every day can lead to:

·         Increased risk of heart disease

·         Obesity

·         Decreased metabolism

·         Increased risk of high blood pressure

·         Bad cholesterol

·         Negative effects on mental health

There are adjustments you can make during your work day to promote better health, even if you have a desk job.  Making sure your computer and chair are properly adjusted is key to avoid being hunched over for long periods of time, which will help keep a healthy posture. Spinal health is extremely important considering how much time we spend sitting down. Setting a timer on your computer or phone is also a great way to remind yourself to move around and get the blood flowing often during your day.  These intervals don’t need to be extended physical breaks, however they are important for joint and muscle health.

Stretching is also a simple habit to incorporate into your work day in order to stay active.  The WebMD link attached demonstrated 12 simple ways to actively stretch while at your desk-just in case your imagination isn’t awake yet. Walking on your lunch break is also a quick way to promote blood flow during the work day.  And we can’t forget how perfect of an option taking the stairs is! If you work in an office all day taking the stairs is the perfect way to make up for some of that sedentary time.





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