4/1/2017 Parks Canada

Parks Canada Pass 2017

We don’t know about you, but being outside is one of our favorite things-specifically hiking.  If you share similar interests we have some interesting news! As Erie residents we neighbor the friendly country of Canada, who has so graciously decided to wave entrance fees for their national parks for the ENTIRE year of 2017!! If you haven’t experienced any of our own parks here in the U.S, we highly recommend that you do so soon. However our neighbors are providing us with the perfect excuse for a family road trip with admissions-free adventures, which is a great opportunity to #optoutside.  National parks are the whole package when it comes to experiencing the outdoors for several reasons.

1.       They are educational

2.       You can send your friends postcards and make them jealous

3.       The scenery is breathtaking

4.       Most of them are family friendly and make great memories and annual adventures

5.       The photo albums you can make when you come home are to die for

6.       Souvenirs are always fun to buy

We encourage you to explore the opportunity this may present to your family, and just see what your options are. There are three national parks that are not so far from us and could be tied together to make a nice long four day weekend.  The Bruce Peninsula National Park, Georgian Bay Islands Park and the Point Pelee National Park would make a great circular road trip that includes a vast variety of scenery.

Visit the links below to get your family a free admissions pass and maybe get out of town for a while, or just become more familiar with what national parks are all about. You don’t have to go to Canada to experience their beauty, we just don’t want anyone to miss such a cool opportunity.   Toni (our intern) plans on heading up for a trip this year, so we’ll keep you posted on what you shouldn’t miss if you go! She’s also been to a fair share of the parks in the U.S, so if you need recommendations or advice- feel free to ask away!  

SIDENOTE: There are ten days that U.S National Parks have fee-free days in 2017, which are explained in the first link-don’t miss out!!





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