4/13/2017 Geocaching in Erie

Do you miss the freedom of being a kid? Running around and not worrying about adult concerns, just enjoying the summer weather outside with your friends? We do too. But we’ve figured out a grown-up way to get those days back! Geocaching has become a widely known outdoor activity for all ages, and it’s in Erie too! Geocaching is a recreational activity that allows participants to use GPS coordinates to find hidden objects or containers known as the ‘cache’ (it usually contains a signature log,) which you add to and then try and find the next cache.  It’s basically a grown-up scavenger hunt, which we think is pretty cool.

How can you start geocaching?  It’s pretty simple really.  If you have a smart phone you register (for free) on the geocaching website, which is attached below.  You use the area code in which you choose to begin geocaching and start your treasure hunt! When you find a cache it’s important to put it back as you found it so that future hunters can experience the same fun when they find it.

Geocaching is a great way to have fun while reducing one’s environmental impact.  You can hunt for caches alone or with a group of people, which can be interesting because some caches are a higher level of difficulty to find. It will bring out the young at heart as you climb, walk and duck under things in order to find your next cache. Sometimes it can be tricky because Erie has some great hiders!

Why geocache?

·         You get exercise while you adventure

·         Personalize it by going alone or taking your favorite people

·         It’s cool to see what other hunters have placed/written in the cache, plus you get to add your mark too!

·         You can join an entire community of like-minded adventurers and add more caches to the hunt

·         You gain a new perspective of local places that you may have seen a thousand times

Remember to keep your eyes peeled! Some participants are really creative when they hide their caches! What looks like a real tree trunk or rock may not be as it appears…



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