4/26/2017 The Playhouse

We’re reaching the end of April and those summer months are so close-but so far away!  Is the Erie weather not warm enough for you just yet? We understand, our spring weather can be a bit of a tease and you shouldn’t pack up your layers just yet.  That doesn’t mean you have to sit at home though folks, and leave it to us to give you some excuses to get out of the house for the remainder of our spring months.

If you can’t enjoy the beach yet maybe it’s the perfect time to enjoy Erie from a different perspective, so check out the playhouse! They’ve still got productions and events scheduled from May-July.  There’s something for all tastes and preferences, so follow the link below to check out what you might be interested in.  Visiting the playhouse is a nice way to shake your routine up a bit and treat yourself to a night out of the house without being outside in weather that might still be a bit chilly for your liking. Exposing yourself to different types of events in our city is a great way to be well-rounded and really enjoy the beauty of our home from numerous perspectives.

Make it a night on the town and have dinner before the production, or take a walk to Dobbins Landing and enjoy the sunset.  Nights like these are yours to create and a city like Erie has a multitude of opportunities to make the experience unique ever time.



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