4/7/2017 Happy World Health Day!

Happy World Health Day Everyone!!


Personal health is a life-long journey for each and every one of us, but today we have the opportunity to collectively celebrate it.  Take time to reflect on your accomplishments and progress, and be proud of yourself!


Not all health can be physically seen or measured though, which is why this year’s World Health Day is dedicated to depression. Depression is a mental illness that can happen to anybody, causing mental anguish and making day to day activities taxing and unrelenting. Anxiety and depression disorders affect 18% of the adult population, approximating 40 million people in the U.S.  Depression is the leading cause of disability in individuals 15-44 years old, with the median age of onset being around 32 years old. Typically it is prevalent in more woman than men, and can occur for a vast amount of reasons.


 These disorders are highly treatable, but this implies that an individual recognizes that he/she has the disorder.  Communication is key in these types of situations and can be extremely difficult to bear, but support is absolutely necessary for the well-being of those affected.  I’ve attached a couple links for you to explore that have extensive knowledge on the disorders, and I highly encourage you to visit them.  Most people assume that anxiety and depressive disorders are based on feelings and ‘feeling down’ for a while, but that assumption could not be more wrong.


 If you know of an individual struggling in this way step forward and help them in any way possible, and if you’re not sure how to do so please contact a professional caregiver or medical professional.  Talking is the easiest thing in the world to do, most of us do it too much, but not enough of our speech is aimed towards this these treatable illnesses. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to loved ones with encouragement and support and reassure them that their health is a respected priority.


 World Health Day is about recognizing successes as well as windows of opportunity, and depression is our window this year. Let’s take advantage of this initiative and talk.





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