5/1/2017 Mothers Day Reminder!

It doesn’t matter how old you are—you love your mom. The question is though, how will you show her how much you love her this Mother’s Day?  Are you at a loss for ideas, do you need something other than the usual gift card and candy? Did you forget about the holiday again…. Regardless of why you might need ideas, we’ve got a few suggestions that are eco-friendly up our sleeves for you!

The annual Mother’s Day 5k Fun Run/Walk! What better way is there to show your mom you love her than to sign her up to run 3.2 miles with you first thing in the morning?


Contrary to previous belief you don’t actually HAVE to buy your mother a Hallmark card in order to express your love and affection. Get her something that isn’t wasteful and won’t be thrown into a landfill, get her something that represents life and love. Get her a tree! Trees are great they can represent so many different things.  If she loves fruit you can buy her a tree that produces her favorite fruit. If she loves flowers you can buy her a tree with a beautiful bud that she can enjoy every year. A very unique gift that you can personalize and plant together—Happy Mother’s Day!   (Gardening supplies could be a nice supplemental touch to this gift if she’s looking to start a project!)


ALL NATURAL BATH BOMBS!! If you’re not sure what a bath bomb is, it’s the perfect way to make a bath a legitimate adult way to relax. There are an endless array of bath bomb ‘themes’ that you can buy, but some companies use a lot of chemicals to their products which take away from the overall positive effects of using a bath bomb.  Purchase all natural bath bombs that are full of antioxidants that cleanse and detox, she’ll love it!


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