5/15/2017 National Love a Tree Day!

Prepare to release you’re inner ‘tree hugger’ folks because tomorrow is a big day for them!! Tuesday, May 16th is the annual National Love a Tree Day!! If you’ve missed this awesome day of awareness every other year… you’re not the only one, but this year we will change that! Join us in spending tomorrow showering our local trees with the affection, appreciation and respect they deserve.

If you’re new to the tree appreciation scene-have no fear! We have plenty of tips for things you can do to spread the love this year.  Feel free to spread your affections to multiple trees or simply pick one that you’re fond of this year.

·         Give your tree a nice drink of water! Trees always need water just like we do, but a little extra will be a refreshing treat.  This would be comparable to us rewarding ourselves with a big glass of sweet tea or your favorite beverage once a year only. It’s important to hydrate the whole root system!

·         Dress up your tree with a wildlife-friendly ornament! Certain styles of bird feeders and bird houses can act as a fancy piece of jewelry for your beloved tree.  The gift will keep on giving because the tree will have frequent visitors to its new decoration.

If you don’t have an established tree that you’d like to shower with treats, maybe that’s a good place to start: getting a tree.  An awesome way to show your support tomorrow would be to plant a tree (or more) of your own.  Starting a personal tradition of appreciation like this is something you can pass on through family regardless of where they live.  

If you think you might want to participate in the ‘holiday’ but aren’t sure, that’s okay too.  Baby steps! Start reading informational material to educate yourself on trees and all the different species that live in your area.  Regardless of if you love them or not, it’s a smart idea to be educated about your surroundings.

Feel free to send pictures or stories of how you celebrated via our Facebook page, we can’t wait to hear about it! Meanwhile we’ll be participating in our own ways, happy hugging!




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