5/19/2017 Why Green is Good

It is a fact that humanity makes new technological advances every day, each one being greater than the last. We progress so significantly in some areas while continually falling behind in others.  Mental health is one of the major areas that we are not triumphant over.  Yes, we have gotten better at recognizing and diagnosing mental illnesses but it’s almost to the point of over diagnosing mental disorders in this day in age, especially in school children.  Today’s post is some serious food for thought, and we think it’s very important to keep in mind as you choose whether or not to get outside or remain indoors.

More often than not people have heard about scientific studies that link proximity to available green space to physical fitness.  This is valid because available outdoor space promotes outdoor exercise and in turn results in better physical health.   There are published studies that associate green space with other things that you might not guess right off the bat, but the findings are amazing.  Ecotherapy is a type of treatment that centers around outdoor activities in nature to improve mental and physical well-being.

Recent studies show that urban areas close to green areas such as parks and green spaces suffer less depression and anxiety as a population.  When people spend time in nature we spend less time inside our own heads, and in some cases sorrows, and more time focusing on the world around us.  We see, hear, smell and feel the world as it interacts around us as life cycles continually end and begin again.  It’s a beautiful process and a natural one.  Most outdoor enthusiasts agree that involving yourself outside is much more effective than treating mental hardships with pharmaceuticals. 

If this idea is completely new to you then we completely encourage you to investigate further.  As an initiative that promotes outdoor activity and overall health and wellness, we think it’s awesome that correlations between what we promote and positive mental health are being researched and discussed.  It is one thing to see physical results, but the mind can be tricky to monitor and the body goes where the mind leads. Overall health is key to maintaining a happy life, and that’s all we really want for our community-inside and out.



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