5/8/2017 Hunting for Beach Glass

Remember when you were young, you would be at the peninsula and find a piece of beach glass that made you feel like you found buried treasure? Even if it’s been a while I’m sure most of us remember the feeling.  Sometimes you’d leave the beach with a whole jar full of souvenirs and other times you would leave empty handed. The uncertainty is part of the hunt for beach glass and it makes finding a piece that much more rewarding.

We here at Erie’s Let’s Move Outside! think hunting for beach glass is a less demanding, slower paced way to still get moving.  What better way to relax before a sunset than to walk along your favorite Presque Isle beach? You can hunt by yourself or divide and conquer with a partner, gathering beautiful and unique souvenirs from your home away from home.

If you happen to be an impatient individual, Erie has multiple places that specialize in creating beach glass jewelry that you don’t have to hunt for.   We’ve attached a few links for you to visit to check out some local handy work if you’re interested! Plus this gives us a change as a community to support local business, everybody wins!  Have fun hunting folks!



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