6/21/2017 First Day of Summer!

IT’S FINALLY HERE!That’s right-today is the first official day of summer folks! If you’re looking for an excuse for special occasion, this is it.  Let’s get out and celebrate.  If you’re lacking ideas on how to kick on the summer season we’ve got you covered!


One of the most popular symbols of summer months is ice cream, so go ahead and treat yourself to a cone of your favorite flavor while you soak in some sun.  We can justify this as appropriate because the majority of our posts are all about health, and it’s pretty much unanimous that a good dose of ice cream today is good for our mental health.


You can have a picnic (that you eat your ice cream at of course.)  If you’re really in the city round up your family and friends and fill up a driveway or an appropriate parking lot with picnic tables, good food and some summer tunes.  This is the perfect way to enjoy everyone’s company outside and celebrate the coming seasonal weather. Maybe even get everyone together for a bike ride so you can earn your picnic food the right way before settling into your beach chairs!


How long has it been since you’ve flown a kite? It turns out they’re not expensive and there are a lot of places in Erie that are kite friendly? Presque Isle has plenty of space to run along with beach with a kite or two, so get out there and race a few!  This activity will remind you how it feels to giggle like a ten year old and how to enjoy the simple things.  


Play a ball game- of any kind! Grab a baseball, football, or volleyball and take it to the back yard.  Playing catch is one of America’s past times and can be a blast with only two people, but can start a party if you have a bigger group of friends.


If you’re a hardcore summer fanatic you can camp out! Ring in the first day of summer by sleeping under the stars (using a bug net of course,) or a tent in your backyard. This one is great for starting a tradition for the whole family, and you can go about it however you’d like!


Remember to have fun, make memories and be safe.  Take advantage of today to get outside and soak in some necessary vitamin D!  Follow the attached link to see some other summer activities that you can use to plan out your day outside.



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