7/3/2017 Bike Repair Stations

Happy Monday everyone! Today’s post in is relation to what we discussed this past Wednesday, the artistic bike racks.  Today we’d like to bring to your attention another resource that is available for cyclists in Erie- our local repair stations.

Most people in our area-even the cyclists- are unaware that our county has 5 bike repair stations that can be utilized on the go if needed.  If you are comfortable with a bicycle then the repair stations are very straight forward, but if you need assistance figuring out how to use it, give us a call! Or call any local bike shop and they should be able to walk you through what you’re using.

The locations of the repair stations are:

1.       Presque Isle State Park, next to the Rangers Station

2.       Erie County Public Library, near the main entrance

3.       Lake Erie Arboretum at Frontier Park (LEAF), across from the entrance to the education center, next to the parking lot by the tennis courts

4.       Heard Memorial Park, in North East next to Park United Methodist Church

5.       Corry YMCA, the front lawn of the Corry PA YMCA

Each of these locations should be fully functional for the biking community to access and take advantage of.  If you come across a repair station that is not in good working condition, please make an effort to contact us at Let’s Move Outside or Melinda Meyer at Erie Arts and Culture.  We will do the best we can to schedule maintenance in order to get the station up and running quickly.

Remember to bike safely and keep these repair stations in mind in case of an accident, one may be nearby that you can use!


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